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part of the rural, economic and social fabric


Winegrowers, winemakers and lovers of wine, travel and gastronomy.

Unique vineyards
Hugo Rivero, Agricultural engineer and master in oenology and viticulture, and Otilia Obreja, Degree in Administration and Business Management and Tourism. A young couple of winegrowers and fans of wine, travel and gastronomy.
Own and Original Wines
After almost ten years of working for other wineries, with other winemakers, other ideas, different varieties and areas, in the summer of 2015 we set out to make some wines of our own, new, original, giving a twist to the traditional elaborations.
We are part of the rural, economic and social fabric
All this has been possible only with the support of good friends and family, who collaborate with us selflessly, to shape all the aspects that a new winery requires, and that little by little has become a reality. Thanks!

Sustainable agriculture vines
Natural wines made under minimal intervention
RAW wines

Currently we have settled our main base of operations in the valley of Meruelo, in the coast of Cantabria, where we have a small winery, and where we have begun to plant several unusual varieties in the Cantabrian cornice, such as Riesling, Albariño, Gros manseng, Mencía, Garncha tintorera, Pinot noir, Verdejo negro, Merenzao, Cabernet franc…


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