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Visit the cantabric winemaking with BOREAL, the northernmost winery in Spain, discover, understand and enjoy the world of wine.
Wine Tourism and Events


We will discover the world of wine in Cantabria, accompanied by typical delicacies of the region


Visit to the winery, 4 wine tasting with a closed menu in a local resturant.

Vineyard wine tasting

Visit the most northern vineyard of Spain with the help of our winemaker, know the grape varieties and the local viticulture.


Visit & tasting at the winery (1 + ½ hours)

In a simple and accessible , we will discover how the world of wine in Cantabria is, how the different wines of the winery are made and created, and everything This accompanied by typical delicacies of this area. Depending on the time of the year we will show you the fermentations , the crianza and the different grape varieties with which we work. The visit to the winery is included, tasting with local products and tasting of 4 wines. Assistants – € 12 / pax

Create Your Own Wine (3 - 4 Hours)

This activity is focused on training; students, groups of friends, tasting clubs and winelovers. A complete and innovative experience in which you will become the winemaker of the winery for a day. In teams we will make a assembly from several monovarietal wines to get the best “coupage”. Among the final wines, we will make a small blind tasting competition to decide which team has produced the best wine. Each attendee will receive a personalized bottle with their wine assembled, and labeled in their name. It includes the visit to the winery and pecking with local products. Of 6 -20 attendees – € 30 / pax

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    Visit to the winery + tasting of local products (1.5 h aprox.) 12 €Create your own wine!(3 - 4h) 6 - 20 attendees 30 €